Die and retry / Gansters

A day with Bob

Sometimes you’re going to die, sometimes you’ll survive. But mostly you’ll die.

Try to keep Bob alive during his day full of unexpected adventures. Every choice could be important and every choice could be deadly, you’ll never know what could possibly kill Bob, so keep this in mind. If you manage well, you’ll go through this day and live happily ever after but we are not making it easy for you.


  • Don’t hesitate to tell us if you have any issues so we can try to fix everything asap.
  • Problems with Safari should be fixed.
  • The game is made for desktop, we haven’t been able to see if it’s working on touch pads.
  • The saving of the progression isn’t fix for now so if you die, you have to start all over again.
  • The translation might be a bit weird since English isn’t our mother language, if you notice a nonsense please send us a message (with the whole sentence) so we can fix it asap.

Dev: monkeyDvrus

Content: noda-yed

Design: Juliette Ducrocq


126113_klankbeeld_laugh.wav by Klankbeeld - Licences: CC BY 3.0 - Change: no

210000_jason130178_man-breathing.wav by jason130178 - Licences: CC BY 3.0 - Change: cut

244961_patricklieberkind_dark-ambience.wav by PatrickLieberkind - Licences: CC BY 3.0 - Change: no

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